A book about the social responsibility of design and art, collecting contributions from current discourses at the University of Art and Design FHNW in an international context. A compendium that interrogates the role of art and design around sustainability and the responsibility of education in fostering a meaningful one. Through fourty-six statements, essays and image series, the volume showcases courses, research projects, symposia, and exhibitions at the FHNW University of Art and Design. These contributions address our relationship to nature, materiality, nutrition, waste, production and consumption cycles, upcycling, and sustainability in social and cultural exchange. From specific measures that counteract the symptoms of climate change to aesthetic processes for changing socially and individually shaped patterns. The book is published by Cristoph Merian Verlag Basel.

Studio: AnDiCo Lab [@andico_lab_idce]
Client: Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW Basel / Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)
Design: Claudia Colombo, Benedikt Jäggi
Year: 2019